Stefano Allesina

Department of Ecology & Evolution
University of Chicago

External Faculty
Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems
Northwestern University

Zoology 403
1101 E 57th st Chicago IL 60637
+1 773-702-7825
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Paula Lemos-Costa

Ph.D., State University of Campinas (Ecology)
M.S.,  University of São Paulo (Ecology)
B.Sc., University of São Paulo (Biological Sciences)

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Graduate Students

Unknown-personCarlos Marcelo-Serván

B.S., University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru

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Zachary Miller

B.S., Yale University (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Applied Mathematics)

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Research Assistants

Lab Alumni

Danyel Maynard (postdoc, now  Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich)
Jacopo Grilli (postdoc, now Associate Research Officer in the QLS section, ICTP )
Gyuri Barabás (postdoc, now Research Fellow at University of Linköping, Sweden)
Madlen Wilmes (postdoc, now at Jove)
Samraat Pawar (postdoc, now Senior Lecturer, Imperial College, UK)
Phillip Staniczenko (postdoc, now Assistant Professor at CUNY, Brooklyn College )
Anna Eklöf (postdoc, now Senior Lecturer, University of Linköping, Sweden)

Matthew Michalska-Smith (graduate student, now postdoc at U Minnesota)
Elizabeth Sander (graduate student, now at CIVIS Analytics)
Si Tang (graduate student, now Assistant Professor, U. Lehigh)
Linnea Jones (rotation)

Theo Gibbs (research assistant, now graduate student at Princeton)
Michael Begun
(research assistant)
Matthew Smith (research assistant)
Jason Kopp (research assistant)
Phillip Reinhold (research assistant, now graduate student, Yale University)
M Moore (research assistant)
Jose Rojas (research assistant, now Postdoc, U Toronto)
Alexander Zook (research assistant, now at Blizzard Entertainment)
Cody Weinberger (research assistant, now at DE Shaw Research)

Anna and Phillip in Umea, where they were teaching together