Join the laboratory

Some general considerations:

  • Our work is exquisitely theoretical/mathematical/statistical/computational. As such, any experimental/field work is carried out in collaboration with other laboratories. I do not supervise experimental work.
  • We typically make use of new, and sometimes innovative methods and tools. Thus, the main quality I am looking for is willingness to learn new, complex things.
  • We do lots of programming. We mostly use C, python and R. I believe that having the whole lab “speak the same language” is key to fostering collaboration, so learning these languages is mandatory. The same goes for Linux (MacOSX is tolerated).

Graduate students: I accept students through the Ecology & Evolution graduate program. In case you’re applying, make sure to contact me well in advance, so that we have time to chat and get to know each other. Most years, I do not accept students, as I want to keep the laboratory at a manageable size.

Postdocs: I rarely advertise positions. Rather, I tend to target people I already know and like. Inquiries are welcome, but the best way to land a job in the lab is to meet me at conferences and workshops, or to come and visit me in Chicago.

Research assistants: I typically keep two undergraduate students working in the lab. Come and see me if you think you’d be a good fit.

Diversity: the laboratory values diversity in all its forms (e.g., background, scientific approach, culture, etc.). Members of historically underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply.