Random zoo

When will I be in Lotka?

In a new paper, Carlos, José, Jacopo, Kent and I tackle this simple problem: if we take a Lotka-Volterra system with random parameters, and let the dynamics elapse, how big will the final, persistent community be?

You can read the paper here:

Carlos A. Serván, José A. Capitán, Jacopo Grilli, Kent E. Morrison & Stefano Allesina
Coexistence of many species in random ecosystems
Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2018

I’ve written a short blog post for Nature Ecology & Evolution Community, telling the story behind the paper, which you can read here.

A News & Views piece by Shaopen Wang accompany the paper. This work was highlighted in Nature Physics by Federico Levi. This paper was also mentioned in an article in Quanta Magazine.