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Robots in Hiring Committees

When I sit in a hiring committee, I ask myself: is it even possible to predict who’s going to be a good scientist by looking at a CV? It turns out that yes, it is possible.

A piece in Nature on the delicate topic of measuring scientists productivity. Daniel Acuna, Konrad Kording and I tried to predict the future h-index of neuroscientists. You can find the article here:

Daniel E. Acuna, Stefano Allesina & Konrad P. Kording
Future impact: Predicting scientific success
Nature 489, 201–202

Nature has an editorial on this work:
Count on me

Some of the coverage:
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Clever Apes: Rock-Paper-Scissors

A new episode of WBEZ Clever Apes covers the work of the Allesina lab on rock-paper-scissor, featuring Jason and Anna playing rock-paper-scissor-bull!

Anna and Jason play rock-paper-scissor-bull (c) Gabriel Spitzer, WBEZ
Anna and Jason play rock-paper-scissor-bull (c) Gabriel Spitzer, WBEZ

“Charles Darwin ushered in modern biology with his explanation of how different species evolve. But his work leaves us with a paradox: Why should dozens or even thousands of species coexist in a single habitat? The theory suggests they ought to duke it out until just a few winners dominate. And yet we have such magnificent biodiversity all over. More than 2,000 species of trees share a single acre of rainforest in the Amazon. So what gives?”

You can download the episode here