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  1. Tang, S., Allesina, S., 20XX
    Persistence and Feasibility of Random Ecosystems
    In preparation

  2. Allesina, S., 20XX 
    Accelerating the pace of discovery by changing the peer review algorithm
    In review
    full text available arXiv
    Discussed by M. Buchanan in Nature Physics: "Come the revolution"

  1. Bodini, A., Bondavalli, C., Allesina, S. 2012.
    Cities as ecosystems: Growth, development and implications for sustainability.
    Ecological Modelling, in press

  2. Martin-Gonzales, A.M., Allesina, S., Rodrigo, A.,  Bosch, J., 2012.
    Drivers of compartmentalization in a Mediterranean pollination network.
    Oikos, in press

  3. Allesina, S.°, Tang, S°., 2012.
    Stability Criteria for Complex Ecosystems.
    Nature, 483:205-208.
    ° contributed equally
    A first draft available arXiv

  4. Melian, C.J., Alonso, D., Allesina, S., Condit, R.S., Etienne, R.S., 2012.
    Does sex speed up evolutionary rate and increase biodiversity?
    PLoS Computational Biology, 8(3): e1002414.

  5. Eklof, A.Helmus, M.Moore, M, Allesina, S.2011
    Relevance of Evolutionary History For Food Web Structure.
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B, 279:1588-1596.

  6. Baskerville, E.B., Dobson, A.P., Bedford, T., Allesina, S., Anderson, T.M, Pascual, M., 2011.
    Spatial Guilds in the Serengeti Food Web Revealed by a Bayesian Group Model.
    PLoS Computational Biology, 7(12): e1002321.

  7. Allesina, S., Levine, J.M., 2011
    Reply to Ferrarini: Strengths and weaknesses of simple competition models.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 108:E346.

  8. Allesina, S., 2011
    Measuring Nepotism Through Shared Last Names: the Case of Italian Academia
    PLoS One 6(8): e21160.

    Media coverage:
    Nature, Science, Chicago Tribune, Corriere della Sera, TG1, Radio RAI, Radio24, ...

    Reviewed for 'Faculty of 1000' by A. di Franco and J. Clauder:
    In this really interesting and courageous paper, a prestigious Italian author (working abroad) contributes work that gives international resonance to a problem largely known by Italian people: nepotism. 

  9. Allesina, S., 2011.
    Predicting trophic relations in ecological networks: a test of the Allometric Diet Breadth Model
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 279:161-168.
    full text available arXiv

  10. Allesina, S., Levine, J.M. 2011
    A competitive network theory of species diversity
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 108:5638-5642.

    Media coverage:
    WBEZ, Cosmos, Santa Barbara Independent

    Reviewed for 'Faculty of 1000' by H. Muller-Landau and A. Gonzales:
    Muller-Landau: The results have the potential to change the way ecologists think about coexistence.

    Gonzales: This paper provides further intriguing evidence that the application of network theory in ecology can provide new insights into classical problems
    Full Reviews Here:  [...]

  11. Rojas-Echenique, J., Allesina, S., 2011
    Interaction rules affect species coexistence in intransitive networks
    Ecology 92:1174-1180

  12. Zook, A.E., Eklof A., Jacob, U., Allesina, S. 2011
    Food webs: ordering species according to body size yields high degree of intervality
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 271:106-113.

  13. Melian, C.J., Alonso, D., Vazquez, D.P., Regetz, J., Allesina, S., 2010
    Frequency-dependent selection predicts patterns of radiations and biodiversity
    PLoS Computational Biology 6(8): e1000892.

  14. Parker, J.N., Lortie, C., Allesina, S., 2010
    Characterizing a Scientific Elite: The Social Characteristics of the Most Highly Cited Scientists in Environmental Science and Ecology
    Scientometrics 85(1): 129-143.

  15. Allesina, S., Pascual, M., 2009
    Googling food webs: can an eigenvector measure species' importance?
    PLoS Computational Biology 5(9): e1000494

    Media coverage:
    NY Times, BBC News, Der Spiegel, Wired...

    On the Radio:
    BBC WorldService, Radio24

  16. Scotti, M., Bondavalli, C., Bodini, A., Allesina, S., 2009.
    Using trophic hierarchy to understand food web structure.
    Oikos 118:1695-1702.

  17. Allesina, S., Pascual, M., 2009
    Food web models: a plea for groups
    Ecology Letters 12:652-662.

  18. Dobson, A., Allesina, S., Lafferty, K.D., Pascual, M., 2009.
    The assembly, collapse and restoration of food webs.
    Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. B 364:1803-1806.

  19. Allesina, S., Bodini, A., Pascual, M., 2009
    Functional links and robustness in food web
    Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. B 364:1701-1709.

  20. Bodini, A., Bellingeri, M., Allesina, S., Bondavalli, C., 2009
    Using food web dominator trees to catch secondary extinctions in action
    Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. B 364:1725-1731.

  21. Allesina, S., Alonso, D., Pascual, M., 2008
    A General Model for Food Web Structure
    Science 320(5876):658-661.
    Supplementary Information

    Reviewed for 'Faculty of 1000' by J. Bascompte:
    This is a very important paper because it sets up a robust scheme with which to assess which model best reproduces the complexity of real food webs.[...]

  22. Lafferty, K.D., Allesina, S., Arim, M., Briggs, C.J., DeLeo, G., Dobson, A.P., Dunne, J.A., Johnson, P.T.J., Kuris, A.M., Marcogliese, D.J., Martinez, N.D., Memmott, J., Marquet, P.A., McLaughlin, J.P., Mordecai, E.A., Pascual, M., Poulin, R., Thieltges, D.W., 2008.
    Parasites in food webs:the ultimate missing links.
    Ecology Letters 11:533-546

  23. Allesina, S., Pascual, M., 2008
    Network structure, predator-prey motifs, and stability in large food webs.
    Theoretical Ecology 1(1):55-64.

    Reviewed for 'Faculty of 1000' by M. Holyoak:
    Food web theory just got really interesting again![...]

  24. Peacor, S.D., Allesina, S., Riolo, R.L., Hunter, T., 2007
    A computational system, DOVE (Digital Organisms in a Virtual Ecosystem), to study phenotypic plasticity in ecosystems.
    Ecological Modelling 205(1-2):13-28.

  25. Allesina, S., Bodini, A., Bondavalli, C., 2006.
    Secondary Extinctions in Ecological Networks: Bottlenecks Unveiled.
    Ecological Modelling 194(1-3):150-161.

  26. Peacor, S.D., Allesina, S., Pascual, M., Riolo, R.L., 2006.
    Phenotypic plasticity increases species coexistence by altering fitness surface.
    PLoS Biology 4(11): e372.

  27. Bondavalli, C., Bodini, A., Rossetti, G., Allesina, S., 2006.
    Detecting stress at the whole ecosystem level. The case of a mountain lake: Lake Santo (Italy).
    Ecosystems 9(5):768-787.

  28. Scotti, M., Allesina, S., Bodini, A., Bondavalli, C., Abarca-Arenas, L.G., 2006.
    Effective trophic positions in ecological acyclic networks.
    Ecological Modelling 198(3-4):495-505.

  29. Allesina, S., Bodini, A., 2005.
    Food web scaling relation: efficiency revisited.
    Ecological Complexity 2(4):323-338.

  30. Allesina, S., Bondavalli, C., Scharler, U.M., 2005.
    The consequences of the aggregation of detritus pools in ecological networks.
    Ecological Modelling 189(1-2):221-232.

  31. Allesina, S., Bodini, A., Bondavalli, C., 2005.
    Ecological subsystems via graph theory: the role of strongly connected components.
    Oikos 110(1):164-176.

  32. Allesina, S., Ulanowicz, R.E., 2004.
    Cycling in ecological networks: Finn's index revisited.
    Computational Biology and Chemistry 28(3):227-233.

  33. Allesina, S., Bodini, A., 2004.
    Who dominates whom in the ecosystem? Energy flow bottlenecks and cascading exctinctions.
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 230(3):351-358.

  34. Allesina, S., Bondavalli, C., 2004.
    WAND: an Ecological Network Analysis user-friendly tool.
    Environmental Modelling and Software 19(4):337-340.

  35. Allesina, S., Bondavalli, C., 2003.
    Steady state of ecosystem flow networks: a comparison between balancing procedures.
    Ecological Modelling 165(2-3):231-239.


Other Publications 

  • Allesina, S., Azzi, A., Battini, D., Regattieri, A., 2010.
    Performance measurement in supply chains: new network analysis and entropic indexes.
    International Journal of Production Research, 48(8): 2297-2321.
  • Allesina, S., 2009.
    Learning R The Practical Way.
    Book Review Ecology  90(8): 2335-2336.
  • Allesina, S., 2007.
    Cycling and Cycling Indices
    For: S.E. Jorgensen (Editor) Encyclopedia of Ecology - Elsevier
  • Allesina, S., Bodini, A., 2007.
    For: S.E. Jorgensen (Editor) Encyclopedia of Ecology - Elsevier
  • Battini, D., Persona, A., Allesina, S., 2007.
    Towards a use of network analysis: quantifying the complexity of supply chain networks.
    International Journal of Value Chain Management 1(1):75-90.
  • Bodini, A., Bondavalli, C., Allesina, S., 2007.
    L'ecosistema e le sue relazioni. Idee e strumenti per la valutazione di impatto e ambientale e di incidenza.
    Franco Angeli, Milan - Italy.
    The ecosystem and its relations. Ideas and tools for environmental impact assessment. Textbook - In italian.
  • Allesina, S., Zaccagnini, A., Bodini, A., 2001. Un modello di simulazione abbinato ad un algoritmo qualitativo per lo studio dei sistemi ecologici. (In Italian) S.It.E. (Italian Society of Ecology) Atti 2001 CDROM
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