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Information for potential postdocs & students

Graduate Students

If you want to join the lab, first of all read about the research being done. If you are still interested, read some of the papers and try to see where you could make a contribution. My lab is devoted to theory, therefore there are no resources available for performing experimental work. Experimental work can be done in collaboration with other faculty in E & E. Strong mathematical skills, enthusiasm and imagination are required. Knowledge of one or more programming languages (especially C) is a plus.

Apply to the E&E graduate program. To make sure that I see your CV, send me an email: Stefano Allesina sallesina(at)uchicago(dot)edu. 


At this moment, no postdoctoral positions are available.

Please contact Stefano Allesina for more information.

Undergraduate Students

We are always looking for capable undergraduates.
Previous undergraduate researchers in the Lab have been highly successful, and are now PhD students in top institutions.
A great deal of independence, intellectual curiosity and willingness to learn new techniques are highly desirable.
Contact Stefano Allesina to set up an appointment.


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