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Looking for a postdoc

With Gyuri leaving for Sweden, the laboratory is short of a postdoc. I am therefore looking for a new postdoc who could start in late 2016 or early 2017. Here below I past the ad I am circulating.

Postdoctoral position — Allesina Laboratory, University of Chicago

The Allesina laboratory at the University of Chicago is looking for a postdoc, starting in late 2016 or early 2017. The interests of the laboratory include ecological networks (food webs, mutualistic, competitive networks), community ecology, and theoretical ecology in general. The focus of the lab is on the development of new mathematical, statistical and computational methods for the analysis of ecological systems. More information on the research interests can be found here. A list of recent publications from the laboratory is here.

The candidate should have a strong mathematical background, be well-versed in statistics, and fluent in at least one of the programming languages used in the laboratory (C, python, R). Knowledge of Linux, Git, LaTeX, and SQL is a plus. Candidates with a background in mathematics or physics are also encouraged to apply.

To apply, please send an email including a CV, a brief description of research interests and experience, and the name of two letter writers to Stefano Allesina (

Note: Gyuri Barabas and Matthew Smith will be at ESA Annual Meeting. If you are attending and are interested in this position, make sure to contact them to hear about life in the laboratory.

Joining NICO and PLoS Computational Biology

With the new year, I’ve been invited to join the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems as an External Faculty, and the Editorial Board of PLoS Computational Biology.

nico-logoNICO is an institute dedicated to the study of complex systems, and is part of Northwestern University, in Evanston (a short train ride from Chicago). It is directed by Luis Amaral and Brian Uzzi, two of the best researchers working at the interface of networks and complex systems. I am very much looking forward to work with the faculty there, and I am very interested in the courses and conferences organized by the Center.

ploscb-logoPLoS Computational Biology is one of my favorite journals. I’ve published seven papers in the journal so far (three last year: 1, 2, 3), and I often reviewed and guest-edited for the journal. I am very happy to join the board as an Associate Editor, and I hope this will help increase the number of submissions from ecologists, as well as foster a dialogue between quantitative ecologists and other biologists interested in the computational, statistical, and mathematical aspects of the discipline.

Traveling in Northern Europe

Just before the Winter break, I’ve been traveling in Sweden and the Netherlands. In Linköping, I gave a 3-hr lecture on the stability of large ecological systems for the 6th Swedish Meeting in Mathematics in Biology. It was a great experience, and it was so nice to get to see my former postdoc Anna Eklöf and spend some time with her and her family.

In the Netherlands, I was part of a workshop on Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in Ecology at the Lorentz Center in Leiden. This is a great place for workshops, and I think I will organize one in the near future!